Shuttle Flights

Compared to chartering, our shuttle service is a more cost effective way for individuals and small groups to travel by aircraft.

On MAF shuttles you only need to pay for the seat you occupy, and we have special fares for local churches. We currently operate the following regular shuttles:

Southeastern Shuttle

Destinations: Nzérékoré, Beyla and Kissidougou

Days: Every two weeks

Special Charter Flights

In order to help our customers save costs on their travel expenses, we offer the possibility to join special charter flights. This means that if one of our customers has chartered an aircraft and there is still space available, you might have the opportunity to share that flight at a very reduced fare.

As you join somebody else’s flight there are some restrictions. Please contact us to confirm restrictions.


For all your bookings requests please complete our Booking Form, or send an email to [email protected] to check for flight availability.