Emil began his MAF career as a pilot/mechanic in Chad. He then moved, with his wife Margrit and family, to Uganda to pioneer the set up of a new MAF programme there in 1987. In 1991 they joined the team to develop MAF's programme in Madagascar. After 12 years, he moved to lead MAF's team in Cambodia This was followed by 5 years serving as a pilot and maintenance controller with MAF in Bangladesh. Taking up the pioneer mantel once more to develop a new programme in Liberia, he and Margrit moved to Monrovia in 2015. Seeing the needs for further aviation assistance in West Africa Emil and Margrit moved to Guinea in February 2020 to develop a new MAF flight program there.

Margrit has served with MAF alongside her husband Emil in Uganda, Madagascar, Cambodia, Bangladesh and now Guinea. Margrit has held a variety of roles, including Finance Manager.